Upload to Lakemac Print







Maximum file size: 5MB
• Please ensure file is
   supplied to pre-press
   specifications below.








Maximum file size: no size limit

• Download and install Dropbox
• Contact us to receive an
   email address to send your
   invitation to
• Please ensure file is
   supplied to pre-press
   specifications below.








Maximum file size: 50MB

• Go to Hightail
• Follow the instructions for
   uploading and sending a file
• In the ‘To’ box, enter
• Please ensure file is
   supplied to pre-press
   specifications below.

Supplied Artwork specifications

- Supply press ready PDF
- Include trim marks
- Include 5mm Bleed
- Convert RGB Scans to CMYK or Grayscale
- Check that colour profile is either spot colour or process
- Indicate if job is spot colour or process
- Make sure all images are at a high resolution
  (300dpi at 100% for photos)
- If packaging the job include all associated images,
   graphic files, fonts etc
- Convert fonts in EPS files to outlines
- Provide composite laser proofs
- Provide laser color separations to proof color breaks
- Provide contact details in case we need to ask a question


If you are unsure about preparing your
artwork call us on 4921 0510 and
we will be happy to discuss it with you.


We only accept the following file formats:
• Adobe Acrobat PDF
• InDesign Packages
• Illustrator EPS outlined
• Photoshop layered files which include
   5mm bleed and trim marks.
• We do not accept Word or Publisher files
   as press ready files.